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Air Conditioning Accessories now sell a competitive range of Cellarator cellar coolers, including the R407C and Cellarator R410A.

Hubbard’s New High Efficiency Liteair Cellar Cooling System are now available from Air Conditioning Accessories with a choice of 4 condensing units

  • 2.7kw - 6.5kw

Choice of 4 x Stainless Steel Evaporators

  • Electronic (E) or Mechanical (M)
  • Optional Factory Fitted Heater

Hubbard Liteair Systems are designed to Energy Efficiently Chill Cellars.

Suitable for a wide range of applications it is ideal for storage of barrelled beers, bottled beverages, Food Storages and Preparation areas. Designed for quietness the condensing unit is housed in a self-healing smart case for internal or external mounting. The evaporator can be WALL or CEILING mounted and contains the system’s Tamper Proof Temperature Controller. A heater option is available where cellar conditioning is required for the correct storage of cask conditioned ales.

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