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Blygold Ltd

Blygold Ltd

A major name in HVAC industry, Blygold are dedicated to providing innovative, reliable corrosion protection for heat exchanger systems.

Offering incredible corrosion and pollution protection, Blygold products provide a long lasting solution by sealing off heat exchangers from the environment, without affecting heat transfer and pressure drop.

This means the fragile metals used in heat exchangers last longer, typically three times as long as untreated heat exchange components.

Not only reliable when used in A/C systems in offices, hospitals and domestic locations, Blygold products also excel in extreme environments such as offshore and power plants.

Created by a committed research and development department, Blygold supplies coatings that can withstand high temperatures as well as extreme chemical loads.

Make annual savings up to 30% on energy costs of your climate system by using Blygold corrosion and pollution protection, available for competitive prices from Air Conditioning Accessories.

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